SuperTiled2Unity, the New Hotness

I'm happy that Tiled2Unity has enjoyed some 4+ years as a semi-popular 2D game development tool. However, for the past year I've found it difficult to further develop this tool given these issues:

  • Tiled2Unity built meshes for custom tile maps but Unity has the Tilemap class now
  • Seams have always been a problem that are not easily resolved
  • The Tiled2Unity exporter was especially problematic
    • Required separate code and EXEs for Windows and OSX
    • Linux uses were left out in the cold
    • Tiled2UnityLite was designed to simplify exporting for everyone but it never took hold. (It was a command line tool in a GUI world)

So, I've rebuilt Tiled2Unity from the ground up to tackle these and other issues. Please consider using SuperTiled2Unity to get Tiled maps into your Unity projects. May you find the tool useful.


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