SuperTiled2Unity Version 1.10.1

Version 1.10.1 Improvements:

  • New Feature: Tint color on layers is now supported.
  • Bug Fix: Tiled asset *.meta files are now saved after import. This keeps the meta files up to date and reduces confusion when diff'ing such meta files.


SuperTiled2Unity.1.10.1.unitypackage 425 kB
Mar 14, 2021

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Hi! I am having extremely long import times with Unity 2020.1.14f1 and SuperTiled2Unity1.10.1. I have about 8 TMX tilemaps and 2 Tilesets in my project, not very large - the tilemaps are max. 50x50, the tileset contain about a few hundred tiles. They do have 6-8 layers each. Everytime I change something in a tilemap, "AssetDataBase.Refresh()" takes at 3-4 minutes, sometimes longer. The project itself is not too big, it's a 2D game with no large models or such. What could cause this? Should I update to a newer Unity version?

Hi @Seanba - how can I get access to the Tilemap image to change it at runtime? I want to change the sky tileset gradually as you move through the level, but I can't find any way to access and change the tilemap graphics.

I recently upgraded to Unity 2020.3.0f1. I'm using the Universal Render Pipeline and created a WebGL project with SuperTiled2Unity. The Tiled Map renders fine on Desktop Chrome but is just blacked out on Android. Would love some feedback! Thanks again for all your work

Hi there. I don't think Unity WebGL is officially fully supported on mobile devices so I'm not surprised you're running into issues. In any case I'm afraid it would something for Unity to debug. I recommend you make the smallest/simplest example that displays the error and send it to them as a bug. If these dismiss it out of hand as a "not supported yet" feature then I'm afraid this isn't much to be done. :(

Hey. Thanks for your reply. I made using SuperTiled2Unity and it works fine on mobile, but I used Unity 2019.2.5f1

I will try to downgrade my project from 2020 to 2019 and I'm pretty sure it should work. Thanks for your response. I'm not really getting an error message, just the .tmx map doesn't display on WebGL mobile. I appreciate your tool! I absolutely love it.