SuperTiled2Unity Version 1.9.2

SuperTiled2Unity Version 1.9.2

  • Improvement: Display a clear error when user attempts to import and map that uses Zstd compression

Tiled has added a new compression format (Zstandard) that is simply not supported by Unity. Unfortunately, this new compression format has been made the new default and this is breaking SuperTiled2Unity importing for many Unity users due to a compile error.

The compile error is now fixed and users will see a helpful error message telling them what to do.

The fix is simple! Just select one of the other compression formats in Tiled and re-save your map.

I've looked into supporting Zstandard compression but all current solutions have dependencies on external DLLs.


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Jul 26, 2020

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Whoops, Zstandard was definitely not meant to be set as the new default! This appears to be an unfortunate mistake I made when moving this option from the global preferences to the session. I'll put it back on CSV in the next release.

I'm sorry for the trouble caused!

No worries, Thorbjorn. I think I have a solution for supporting Zstandard that I'll try to get to this weekend.