SuperTiled2Unity Version 1.9.0

Version 1.9.0 Changelog


  • Imported map no longer breaks Prefab instance overrides (Issue #113)
  • Unity's CompositeCollider2D has been a source of issues and has now been replaced with a PolygonCollider2D (for polygons) and EdgeCollider2D instances (for outlines)
  • Removing the CompositeCollider2D dependency has significantly reduced the number of child objects that are created during import
  • Collision positions are now fixed for collider objects in a Tile Layer that are under a Group Layer when imported with Custom Axis Sorting mode


  • TMX file importer upgraded to version 21 (forcing re-import)
  • Collider gizmo only draws outer edges of polygons colliders now


SuperTiled2Unity.1.9.0.unitypackage 417 kB
Nov 30, 2019

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