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Is there anyway to make it so that some Objects does not have a Collider when imported into Unity. I basically have some custom properties I apply for tiles which I add ass objects, but I want those to be walkable by the player and do not want to manually remove the box collider on all.

Thanks, hoping for a response :)

Can you make it for a acer Chromebook too?


get a real computer 


Looks like a nice tool, but I can't even download it. Nothing happens.

Super tool ! Are you gonna update your tool to use the new Tileset tool in Unity ? Thank's :)

Hey there. Haven't had a chance to use the tool yet. (I'm still developing the map for my next game,) but I thought I would raise a problem with your app. If you're using the desktop app, it hangs on installing and you can't do anything with it. Not sure if this is with your side or itch's, but I thought I would let you know in either case.

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Hi! When I put the command "C:\Program Files\Tiled2Unity\Tiled2Unity.exe" %mapfile in latest (1.0.1) version of Tiled to open Tiled2Unity directly it doesn't work and shows the message "The command failed to start". 

Make sure you are not putting that command string in for what should be the name of the command. The Tiled UI has changed recently and you want to put the command beside the "Executable" field.

Why is the vertex scale always set to 999.9999 in the latest version? How can I fix this?

Vertex Scale was removed many moons ago and was replaced with Pixels Per Unit. What is the command line you are using to launch Tiled2Unity?

Perfect tool. Awesome dude. Keep up the great work...

Awesome !

Great developer and fantastic product. Very responsive to feedback and questions. I highly recommend and definitely worth making the suggested donation.