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Hi! I really appreciate your work, plugin works really good. I like how any changes in Aseprite files are just visible in game without any other work required. But I would like to ask, is there any way to add animation events using this plugin? I really missed that feature during my workflow with A2U and started doing some crazy workarounds to overcome that.


Woah, this is pretty rad! This seems to just... work somehow?

Great job, and thanks for making this! I'll play around with it a bit more, but I'm impressed enough that I'm seriously considering donating. (I want to play around with it a bit more, but this is a huge step up from what I had before.)

What's the license, btw? I get that it might be a little bit finicky, considering that you're working with Aseprite stuff, but I like tweaking Unity extensions when I need extra features. I just wanna make sure I won't be breaking any rules, etc.

Thanks for the tools。How can I rename the Animation clip?When I use the Unity of the Animator, it always give me prompt warning。


Thanks for the neat tool! It's really easy to drop in and use in my projects. However, there's this thing where if I rename an Aseprite file, like for example Table.ase, the Table.ase GameObjects in the scene have their positions reset all to 0 which is a little annoying. Is there any way possible you could fix it? That'd be awesome.


The key of this tool is that you just have to save the Aseprite file to instantly see changes ingame. It's awesome.

That being said, after toying with it, I'm missing a couple features, and I would like to share it with you to see your thoughts:

  • Export extra info for each frame: For example, using a slice I set on a different position each frame on Aseprite, and then being able to get that position coordinates ingame (maybe using Animation Events) to attach another sprite to that position (like a weapon).
  • An option that, if it's enabled and you have an Animator Controller attached, automatically creates one State for each animation, with the same name and each animation attached.

That's all. Thanks a lot for creating these amazing tools, and keep up the great work!

Hi there, Davitsu. Could you send me an example file containing the moving slice? I just want to make sure I'm understanding slices and how people may use them. Thanks. (email:

Hey Sean, I sent you an email with all the information.
Thanks for considering these features!


THANK YOU. I got Aseprite and was upset when I exported a .png into unity and it looked like a bug smeared on a window. 12/10 you're the real mvp

lol, thanks for your encouraging comment.

BTW, the PNG you imported into Unity was probably using bilinear sampling and/or was using some form of compression. Unity likes to import textures that way be default which is bad news for us pixel-perfect kind of developers. If you ever find yourself in that situation again check these settings in the texture importer and hit 'Apply':


This free plugin is real Awesome!

but the Aseprite itself is bad. expensive! not free!! don't buy if you have no commitment about Aseprite.

And what an irony that Aseprite Official website itself has .org domain which means non-profit. but expect you to buy to be able to save file. ew! that's profit!!

I love this plugin and others from you.

but I hate not zero cost tools. like Aseprite one.


probably Aseprite was free, I think. but nowadays, you must buy!


Aseprite is open-source, but you have to know how to compile it in order to get it for free. If you want to get the latest version always updated you can buy it. It's very cheap.


Oh really, you should recheck their license again here.

NOw, I assume you are too busy to read the license so here is why Aseprite is bad idea according to the license:

  • NOT OPEN SOURCE!!!! They said, you are not allowed to reverse engineer the sofware except something something applicable by law. Even there is no presence of any open source licenses like GNU GPL or MIT. what MIT you see is the license for the some of the other modules Aseprite use. Another one, is that Yes, you can compile yourself the GitHub project, but if you make mods, YOU CAN ONLY USE IT FOR PERSONAL USE i.e., NO PUBLIC EDITS ALLOWED a.k.a. PROPRIETARY. ugh, how do I say this? yeah, like that.
  • Ironic! this .org domain doesn't make sense because this aseprite is not truly open source and share the binary for costly. despite of self compilation you can do, it's just, why though?! many people doesn't like to compile manually, and want to get it ready! OH and also, they are not non-profit spirit as the org should implies.
  • You want free binary? nah nah! it's old version! what' the point?!
  • there are many ways to animate pixelated raster environments out there that I beg anyone to find with the only terms are: tools involved must be an open source licensed project and binary made are $0 forever, full out of the box!

So please watch your mouth before saying this tool is open source. look out their license!

Just because it is on e.g. GitHub, doesn't mean it guarantees Gratis, Open Source, and FULL VERSION spirit! some projects are pretty much (pardon my dirty mouth)... can-cer.


I hope you understand, that people can benefit the availability while forget and even refuse to take care for the people.

moral is, don't just care for yourself but the others as well.


You couldn't care less about devs... It's only 15$ for god sake. You sure pay a lot more for games or beers every month. What the hell. Aseprite is awesome, just buy it.

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that's the trouble.

not all people like not $0 softwares. there are tools that are should have been trusted by professional like Blender for $0.

there numerous ways to develop softwares and be supported, such as donation or so.

also, moving from open source license into proprietary is treason! in our opinion, if they stop being humble, we will also cease our care.

oh yeah, because of this, there is LibreSprite which is last open source Aseprite build that was forked into an independent project. but there are only 25 commits ahead and way 2009 commits behind the original as of today.

Speaking about just $15, Yes I pay some softwares like Yamaha Musicsoft MIDIs, Games, or so. But of course they are not free so I cannot recklessly buy too many softwares. infact, I only have few games I bought with my own money, because prioritizing to waste money on games even useful utility is idiotic!

we must find way that will not waste our money but also has enough quality.

I know, Aseprite is awesome, but we lost it because they are not $0.

we also have seen similar treason like PartedMagic. we forced to move to SystemRescueCD.

in conclusion: not $0 = expensive! Switching to proprietary is one of the worst treason commited!


dislikers are possibly aseprite teams!


Thanks mate for this helpful tool, wish you the best of luck!

Hi. Sorry for the late reply. You are welcome. It's indispensable. I find myself using it all the time. I just extended the expiration date on it.

I have a very complex aseprite file that I hand export for unity. Its a character doll that has dozens of layers for different pieces of equipment/hair. Will this be helpful to me?


Hi there, @lunarsignals. It should work. Any number of layers is supported as well as all the blending modes between them. However, it's always possible that users are trying to do something I haven't accounted for. If that's your case then report a bug to my github issues page and send me your file. I'll try my best to resolve any issues.